May Recap

Splash Day May 3rd went well, this time everyone remembered to put their plugs in…thanks Matt! The Cafe opened for three weekends with our new staff and starter menu. More homemade items and specials will be introduced throughout the season – thanks for your support it is much appreciated! All enjoyed the Victoria Day Fireworks, the night was perfect, no wind or mosquitoes and I was told the crew watching the show all the way from D Dock could smell the fresh popping popcorn! That seemed to be a hit; we will do it again for Canada Day. Our first fishing tournament of the season was the Pike Top 50. It was amazing to see all 60 plus fisher people had 5 huge pikes each. Our Members Opening Party was also a great success. Great food and drink, slow dancing at the fire pit in the early morning hours, a perfect start to a memorable summer. Thanks to all for your delicious appetizers and desserts, everyone’s generous contributions completed the event.